Religious Exploration Committee


The RE Committee's vision is “to awaken the soul, excite and cherish spiritual life"* in guiding and supporting individuals, families, and children on their journey as lifelong Unitarian Universalists.


We realize our Vision by:

  • Embracing religious exploration to awaken the soul;
  • Building and celebrating beloved community with shared Unitarian Universalist values;
  • Supporting growth through ritual and worship to excite and cherish spiritual life; and
  • Ministering to all individuals, families, and children.

We, the Religious Exploration Committee, covenant to:

1) Accomplish business by:

  • Resolving issues facing the committee;
  • Upholding the principles of the church;
  • Acting responsibly at all church-related functions;
  • Making decisions with the best interests of the congregation and students in mind;
  • Noting and following up on personal responsibilities;
  • Striving for consensus in decision making and if no consensus can be reached, tabling the issue for further discussion until a consensus can be reached; and
  • Discussing with the committee issues of dissent, criticism, or destructive behavior which appear to undermine the health of the church or committee, with the goal of increasing trust and cohesion

2) Respect each other’s time by:

  • Attending meetings physically and mentally;
  • Being prompt and prepared;
  • Adhering to a time frame;
  • Sticking to the topic and being concise;
  • Recognizing the time we have together is sacred;
  • Advising the committee chair person in advance if unable to attend; and
  • Notifying the committee if you intend to resign.

3) Keep our meetings sacred:

  • Allowing time for brief, meaningful check-ins;
  • Focusing during out time together;
  • Recognizing that we are all responsible for leadership;
  • Remembering that we are not “all business;"
  • Using humor when appropriate; and
  • Respecting the importance of the process.

4) Treat each other with respect and communicate effectively by:

  • Using “I” statements;
  • Asking for clarification when needed;
  • Redirecting when appropriate;
  • Being honest, yet gentle and sensitive to others’ feelings;
  • Welcoming diversity and respecting differences of opinion;
  • Employing active listening skills;
  • Expressing opinions and thoughts openly and positively;
  • Upholding confidentiality when necessary;
  • Being sensitive to others’ readiness to make decisions; and
  • Following a process that recognizes speakers, avoids interruptions, and signals when the speaker is finished.
RE Committee Members
  • Amy Firestine, Chair
  • Bridget Parker
  • Sara Palmer, DRE
  • Tony Morgan
  • Joyce Stoltzfus

*Excerpt from The Great End in Religious Instruction by William Ellery Channing, 18th Century Unitarian Minister

Meeting minutes will be posted soon. Please check back.