Congregational Life Team

Healthy Congregations Task Force

From front left: Chuck Daley, Chris Dutton and Barb VanHorn. Back row from left: Sandy Hamstra, Paul Haidet and Andy Beck.

Mission Statement

The Congregational Life Team is responsible for keeping the congregation healthy and focused on fulfilling its mission.


The Congregational Life Team is an independent committee that offers feedback to the congregation, lay Leaders, staff and to the Board.

The CLT recognizes that:
  • The responsibility for Ministry extends beyond the minister to the entire congregation.
  • All of the Congregation’s activities are its Ministries.
  • All of the Congregation’s Ministries reflect its efforts to fulfill its mission.
  • The spiritual health and strength of Beloved Community directly impact the Congregation’s ability to fulfill its mission.

The Congregational Life Team fulfills its purpose by:

MONITORING:  Empowers each ministry to set goals and assess its progress towards alignment with the mission.

EDUCATING:  Supports continuing education of the Congregation for its growing understanding and skill in shared ministry and mission fulfillment.

ASSESSING:  Ensuring an ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of all UCH Ministries.   Conducts a periodic review and assessment of the congregation’s work.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION:  By facilitating conflict resolution of UCH relationship issues when necessary.   Engages in active listening and reconciliation to gain clarity on issues and concerns.  Conflict Resolution Process and  Assistance Request Form

RECOMMENDING:  Periodically advise and make recommendations to the Board, lay leadership and staff regarding the health of our shared ministry.