Worship Team

The Worship Team focuses on fostering excellence in Sunday Services, which we regard as the spiritual center of church life. In this context, the team defines “worship” as that which honors what is worthy or important, creates moments that can be personally transformative, and is based in part on our six sources.

The team aspires to meet the goals for Worship and Liturgical Leadership set in 2015 by the Board and then-minister Rev. Mike Walker, which are meant to be a road map for the collaborative ministry of the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, as stated below:

"We respect and plan to continue supporting the distinct cultural, musical and liturgical styles at Clover Lane. We desire thought-provoking, heartfelt sermons, with thought given to theological diversity (spiritual, humanist, world religions, and so on).  We encourage congregational involvement in the process of planning and conducting worship, and we have a desire to encourage more intra-congregational cooperation and flow of people between campuses."

The Worship Team includes staff and volunteers who work collaboratively with the minister on a variety of issues related to worship services at both campuses, such as:

  • Providing feedback to the minister about ideas that he or she may have for future services;
  • Providing feedback to the minister regarding previous worship services;
  • Soliciting input from congregants about worship services;
  • Communicating with the congregation about the team's activities, including changes to worship services that have been made or are being considered;
  • Discussing possible changes to services that may improve the worship experience or better meet the needs of the congregants;
  • Coordinating worship service planning between the two campuses;
  • Finding new congregants to serve as liturgists or participate in services;
  • Recommending ministers or worship leaders to fill the pulpit during the minister's Sundays off or when the minister is otherwise not available;
  • Addressing urgent needs that arise before or during worship services; and
  • Working with the minister to address other specific needs that may arise regarding worship services.

The team reports to the minister.

Team Members: Laura Edinger (chair), Jim Cavenaugh, Nan Cavenaugh, Dan Vaughn, JD Stillwater, Emily Webb, Debbie Reihart, The Rev. Dr. Anthony Johnson, Yvonne Duvall and Amy Firestine.