Stewardship & Financial Support

2020-21 Stewardship Campaign

Stewardship Campaign
2020-21 Pledge Form Info
Download the pledge form here.
Completed pledge forms may be dropped into our pledge boxes located in the Common Room at Clover Lane. You may also mail it to the church office, give it to a member of the Stewardship team or put it in Ed Syke's mailslot. During thiis pandemic, please email, fax or mail your pledge forms to the office as described in the pledge packet you received in the mail.

Please consider your vision of our congregations future when making your pledge. 

Information concerning the budget for the next church year beginning in July 2019 through June 2020 is available from the Stewardship team.

The members of the Stewardship team are Dave Powell, Ed Sykes, Justin Sciamannam, Denny Byrne, Sharon Vaughn, John Hargreaves and Dave Forster. Members and friends are invited to contact anyone on the team with questions.