Stewardship & Financial Support

2018 Stewardship Campaign

Challenge Grant - Amended Pledge Form

A generous anonymous donor has offered a $20,000 matching challenge. That means that, when up to $20,000 in gifts or in new or increased pledges come in, this donor will match them dollar for dollar. You can give a one-time gift, or you can increase your pledge for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The payments do not have to be made in the short term in order to meet the challenge; you can activate the match by committing to monthly payments in 2018-2019. If we make the most of this matching challenge, we will have $40,000 to put toward excellent staff support for our process of deep transformation next year. Challenge Grant Pledge Forms are due no later than Monday, May 7.  Click here to download the form.

2018-19 Pledge Form

If you haven't already submitted your 2018-19 pledge form, please do so asap. You can leave it in the lock box in Fellowship Hall at Market or in the lock box in the Common Room at Clover, or you can mail it to the office. Download the form here.

Launchpad Campaign

The Launchpad Campaign invites your additional contributions, beyond your regular pledge, to help the congregation set a course for abundance and financial health. Launchpad Campaign contributions may be made between February and June 2018 by check, credit card, stock transfer, and all the ways you normally give charitable financial contributions to UCH. You may pay in one lump sum or installments. Launchpad Campaign contributions are separate from your regular pledge to the UCH Annual Appeal.  Download a pledge form for the Launchpad Campaign

Event: Stewardship Potluck!

Special thanks to everyone who made the February 9 Stewardship Potluck festive and meaningful! Patti Hazell and her kitchen team created a nourishing event, plus musical guests Lois Voigt, JD Stillwater, Donna & Phil Hoskins-Helm, Don & Barbara Hoskins, and Kel Kyle. We already have a nice, early crop of Pledge/ Gifts & Talents Forms submitted, and we look forward to receiving ALL of them by March 4.

Keep an eye on the chalice puzzle created by Laura Shemick at each campus. We'll find "missing pieces" as members complete their forms.

You can leave your pledge form in the lock box in Fellowship Hall at Market or in the lock box in the Common Room at Clover, or you can mail it to the office. If you cannot locate your form, you can download it here. Thanks for all of your commitments of time, talent, and treasure!

2018 Stewardship Team Announcement

We are pleased to announce the formation of a core leadership team for the 2018 Stewardship Campaign! Dave Powell, John Hargreaves, and UCH Treasurer Ed Sykes are leading this year’s Annual Appeal with the theme, “Celebrate the Future.” Together with Rev. Lyn Cox, the team is excited to plan a campaign that is centered on the congregation’s mission and positive accomplishments and that looks forward to making the case that UCH is a good choice for your generous donation dollars. There is room on the core team for up to two more members and plenty of room for those who would like to assist in smaller ways. One of the things that will be different about this year’s campaign is an increase in the support available to members and friends as you complete your pledge form. Core Stewardship team leaders will meet with some members individually and some in small groups. Though they will not be able to meet with every member and friend, they plan to work with staff to provide individualized pledge letters that will help each person understand their gift in context. When members and friends understand the impact of their financial gift, and when help is available to make long-term pledging plans, the whole congregation benefits in terms of both spiritual growth and the congregation’s ability to pursue its mission. In order to make this level of customer service possible, the three members of the core team will have access to limited pledge information and will hold that information in the strictest confidence. They will not share that information with their family or friends. Team members were chosen for their trustworthiness and demonstrated commitment to the congregation as well as for their skills. Working with a trusted core leadership team means that the staff can support volunteers appropriately and that the hopes and questions of members will be built into the campaign. Your support and understanding are appreciated.

The Annual Appeal will kick into high gear in early February, with pledge forms being due by early March. If you have questions about the upcoming “Celebrate the Future” campaign, or if you would like to volunteer, please speak to Ed Sykes.

Celebrate the Future!