Youth Religious Exploration

If you would like to enroll your child in Youth RE or have any questions, feel free to contact our DRE, Cory Ness.

Youth RE – Grades 10-12

Teens and Youth Group Advisors co-lead to discuss current events through a UU lens, develop and challenge personal beliefs, and plan a youth-led service for Spring 2021. Our youth are also invited to build roots and are sustained in Unitarian Universalism by attending services with friends, mentors, and family and by serving as Usher, Greeter, Lay Liturgist, Member Reflection Speaker, Musician, Sound Engineer, Coffee Hour Host, or Helping with BabyGarden or K-9 RE, recognizing their importance in our community just by their presence, not by what they can do for us.

Youth Group strives to provide a balanced experience for youth in the program by incorporating the Six Components of a Balanced Youth Ministry:

  • Worship - is an important and sacred part of any balanced youth ministry. Youth worship may be interactive and non-traditional.
  • Leadership - Opportunities to develop leadership skills and then put them into practice are integral parts of youth programming.
  • Justice and Service - Youth have passionate opinions about social issues. Justice and service programming is a way for youth to express and explore our values and put action behind our concerns.
  • Learning - Almost every aspect of programming can provide learning experiences for youth. Small group ministry, covenant groups, or other venues can provide space for healthy discussion—sparked by the topic of a guest speaker, movie, or from youth’s own experiences.
  • Community Building - Honor our friends and loved ones, and the social aspects of youth programs. Community building, or socializing, is a time for people to get to know one another.
  • Youth-Adult Relations - The last but certainly not least important component of a balanced youth program is essential. Communities where youth and adults work together and have power with each other have huge potential.

Access the Religious Exploration Calendar here.