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MSC Dispatch
Ministerial Search Committee Update

Welcome, Rev. David Kohlmeier!

We are pleased to announce that with a vote of 99.35% in favor, the members of UCH have called Rev. David Kohlmeier to be our settled minister. Rev. David will begin his time with us starting August 1, 2021.
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April 20, 2021 - Letter from Rev. David


April 13, 2021
Dear Members and Friends of the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg,
The members of the Ministerial Search Committee want to express profound gratitude for your trust, support, and best wishes, as we searched to find for you a candidate worthy of being UCH’s settled minister. You, the congregation, have been essential participants in this process by giving us a great deal of careful input as to the qualities you want in a minister. We heard you and we made your wishes our top priority.
We have tried to keep you as informed as possible over this past year. Confidentiality has been essential to honor the integrity of the search and to respect the applicants’ current ministry settings. So, we’ve had to keep you in necessary suspense.
We can end that suspense now! We have completed our task and we have reached a unanimous decision. 
We are pleased and eager to recommend to you for the position of settled minister, Reverend David Kohlmeier, and are honored to introduce you to him. He was one of twenty-one (21) applicants that the MSC considered. Reverend Kohlmeier stood out for his thoughtful responses in his extensive Ministerial Record, and was one of our top applicants for further review. Once we met him, we were impressed by his approachability, collaborative leadership style, great communication skills, and engaging manner.
Reverend Kohlmeier has recorded his personal introduction to you in this email. We welcome you to learn more about him by following this link. Please also review his website and his Facebook page.
The MSC is confident in recommending Reverend Kohlmeier to you! You will have the opportunity to meet him at one or more events during candidating week, from April 25 through May 2. He will conduct both Sunday services live on Zoom that week. And after the May 2 service, we will hold a special congregational meeting and vote on Reverend Kohlmeier’s settled ministry. Look for more information on that process in the coming weeks.
We’ve all waited a long time for a settled minister and, with your help, the MSC has worked hard to find the right person for us. And now we’re ready to move forward into a bright new future. Thank you, everyone!