Worship Themes

February Worship


February 4: Imbolc with Rev. Lyn Cox (Multi-Gen Service)
As the wheel of the year turns and the end of winter creeps into the edge of our imagination, we make our commitments for the year ahead and we practice the creativity that will sustain us through the rest of the current season. In this earth-centered service, we will invoke the four directions, we will bless and be blessed, and we will hear the choir sing, “The Heart of the Mother.”

February 11: Symphony of Gender with Rev. Lyn Cox
Some of us were raised with the worldview that gender is a duet: two distinct voices set apart from each other. We are learning that gender is a whole symphony, a beautifully complex universe of perspectives and expressions. Let us open our minds and hearts to create a community that supports and encourages the entire orchestra. The choir will sing “Take Down These Walls.”

February 18: Commitment with guest preachers Kendra and Pete Trufahnestock
Members and music enthusiasts Kendra and Pete Trufahnestock will tackle the theme of the month, “Commitment.” The choir will sing “We Want Harmony."

February 25: The Wisdom of Love with Rev. Lyn Cox
Love keeps us here, rooted in the world as it is. Love is active, practical, and at one with our physical selves. Love remembers data and frameworks that our intellect may have forgotten. The wisdom of love teaches groundedness, embodiment, and interdependence. We’ll hear special music written by Alice Peacock and performed by Kel Kyle & friends.




Jan 7: Fire Celebration Rev. Lyn Cox: We move into the new year, reflecting on the hurts and disappointments we’re ready to leave in the past and on the direction of our intentions for the future. Some of us may be ready for a ritual of forgiveness for ourselves or others. As a whole community of all ages, we’ll practice movement meditation, singing, and the ceremony of the burning bowl. Don’t miss Laura Edinger’s solo, “How Far I’ll Go,” from the movie Moana. Join the adventure and let us worship together.

Jan 14: The Promise and The Practice Rev. Cox: In August and November, we engaged in the UU White Supremacy Teach-In to reflect on dismantling racism in our congregation and in our hearts. In the Promise and the Practice, we join UU congregations all over the country in facing the hopes and disappointments of our faith movement’s past, and in opening pathways for an inclusive, diverse, just future for Unitarian Universalism. We are committed to embracing the presence and leadership of people of color more effectively than before. White Unitarian Universalists are still learning to decenter whiteness so that the experiences, needs, and voices of people of color are brought from the margins to the center. Join us as we practice that work and promise a new way of being together.

Jan 21: Which Is the Greater Cost? Dan Vaughn: UCH member Dan Vaughn reflects on the theme of the month: Forgiveness. The choir will sing “Love Has Already Won” by Jason Shelton.

Jan 28: Grace Rev. Cox: Transforming resentments against others and shame against ourselves into learning experiences is spiritual work. We seek to gather the treasures of wisdom from our past experiences while gaining freedom from dwelling in the past. Our Universalist philosophy and our practice of covenanting can help us get ready to take the risk of growth.