David Spear


About Me

Joined UCH: February 2007 | Board Term: 2019-2022

UCH has been my spiritual home for more than 10 years. It has helped me grow spiritually and find my path in life.

I served on various teams and committees, starting with the Oliver LaGrone Scholarship Committee. I currently chair the Worship Team.  I assisted in the transition of a previous interim minister and served on a ministerial search committee.

These and other involvement prepared me for joining the board just over a year ago. It has been a pleasure to see our congregation find its direction over the last few years, and I greatly look forward to continuing this in the coming years.

I enjoy technology and take every opportunity to tinker with computers, smartphones, and audio equipment.

I worked for several years as an engineer, then an editor, and now I tutor students in math and science.

David Spear