Ed Sykes


About Me

Joined UCH: February 1980 | Board Term: 2020-2023

I joined UCH in the early 1980s and began my involvement in the church by serving on both the R.E. and Social Action Committee. During my children’s early years, I taught in the R.E. program. I was honored to serve on a Search Committee and two terms on the Board. I have been the Finance Chair, Stewardship chair, and I have served for over fifteen years on the finance committee. I have assisted with the Auction, Yard sale and Kaleidoscope (a cabaret-style talent show that UCH hosted in the past to raise money for the music program). I am currently serving my third term on the board and the second time as the Treasurer.


I am an employee of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I consider myself a religious liberal and a fiscal conservative. I believe that if we as a church intend to do something then we should be committed to finding a means to afford it.    


Of all the experiences that I have had associated with this church; I believe the most rewarding has been the renovation of the play structure for our children and youth. I was done in the spirit of generosity and for the safety of our most important members, our children who represent the future of our denomination. I believe that serving as a member of the board should reflect and represent what is best for the entire congregation.  

Ed Sykes