Jessica Chuckalovcak


About Me

Joined UCH:  2009 | Board Term: 2021-2024

 I joined the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg in 2009 and have been involved with the church in a myriad of ways since then. I have been a Religious Education leader for all the school ages, served as a Coming of Age mentor and facilitator, as well as a youth group leader and high school OWL facilitator. In between DREs, I was hired to help direct RE on an interim basis. For ten years I served on the Oliver LaGrone Scholarship Committee and have been a Pastoral Care Associate. I also helped with Common Ground Breakfasts and community hours in Allison Hill.

 I believe that serving on the Board of Trustees would be a new and exciting way to serve the church. I am thankful for RE leadership during the transition without a DRE, and now would like to focus on rebuilding a strong religious education program from pre-K through adulthood. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, lifting weights, and playing board games with my family.