Justin Sciamanna


About Me

Joined UCH 2018 | Board Term: 2020-2022

I've been involved with UCH for nearly two years. The first week my wife and I attended service here was the first week that the congregation met to discuss the sale of the Market Street building. We saw in the order of service that all members and guests are invited to attend all church events, so the next week we decided to participate in the meeting and have been involved with the church ever since.

  Currently, I am on the Auction Committee and Stewardship Team as well as helping out behind the scenes with other church events when I have the time. This past year, I've also helped with maintaining the gardens around the church and with editing the audio of the services prior to the church services being pre-recorded. As a member of the Board, I hope to expand our outreach to the local college communities to help grow the next generation of our congregation. In doing so, I believe this would allow us to expand our music department to include a youth choir while also increasing our annual pledges so that we can continue improving the building and grounds here at Clover Lane.