Mary Lynn Fecile


About Me

Joined UCH: February 2011 | Board Term: 2020-2023

After attending Sunday services at UCH with my husband and sons for 6 months, I knew that we had found our spiritual community. We signed the membership book, making it official in February 2011. I became involved in the RE program early on, teaching at all grade levels, as well as becoming trained and facilitating OWL for multiple levels. Following the unsuccessful call for a settled minister in 2015, during a time when we had no DRE, I joined the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to keep the program operating. Over time, Paul and I participated in more events and programs, and our connections and commitment to UCH grew, even as the church navigated multiple challenges.

Recently, I served as chairperson for the 2017-18 ministerial search committee. I subsequently engaged with UUA staff, our minister at that time, and the Board to forge a new vision and mission for the church. I remain committed to UCH and to being part of its vital, affirming community. I look forward to a future with a new settled minister, growth both in church membership and engagement between the diverse communities within UCH, and continued participation in important social justice initiatives.

Mary Lynn